Our Competitive Advantage:European Style Slip Fit / Quality Forged Parts.

Our advanced manufacturing processes are designed to create tighter tolerances required to supply a European style fit between slip yoke and stub shaft for all series. This tighter fit will reduce backlash and radial movement to allow for a better first time balance and ultimately increase performance, durability and lifespan.

Over the last 40 years, we have determined that forging produces superior driveline characteristics:

  • Grain structure of the metal is aligned through thermal and mechanical
  • Reduced metallurgical defects such as cavities and porosity.
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Greater control over heat treatment process.
  • Increased weldability.

Resulting in:

  • Increased strength.
  • Higher ductility.
  • Resistance to fatigue, impact and wear.